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17.804 Indonesian Social Kitchen.Hot AppetizersTelur BaladoLumpia Sayur (V)Lumpia AyamSate Ayam Saus KacangSate Kambing Saus KecapSoupsLaksa UdangMain DishesNasi Goreng 17.804Mie Goreng 17.804Kwetiaw SapiRendang DagingTumis SapiIga Bakar 17.804Udang Rica-RicaUdang Lada HitamIkan PepesIkan Bakar Bumbu BaliIkan PesmolGulai AyamAyam Bakar TaliwangAyam Bakar Bumbu KecapGarnishes and SaucesNasi PutihKerupuk UdangKerupuk PangsitAcarSambal KecapKecap Manis ABCSambalSaus KacangDessertsBubur MutiaraLumpia Pisang Cokelat Asian, BBQ, Grill, Kebab
17.804 Indonesian Social Kitchen

Asian, BBQ, Grill, Kebab
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17.804 Indonesian Social Kitchen

Hot Appetizers
Telur Balado
#10 Telur Balado
fried boiled egg with branded sauce Sambal and crispy onion
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95.00 UAH

Lumpia Sayur (V)
#11 Lumpia Sayur (V)
spring rolls with vegetables, rice noodles and homemade peanut sauce
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126.00 UAH

Lumpia Ayam
#12 Lumpia Ayam
spring rolls with chicken, vegetables, rice noodles and homemade peanut sauce
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146.00 UAH

Sate Ayam Saus Kacang
#13 Sate Ayam Saus Kacang
chicken saute with homemade peanut sauce and vegetable pickle
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130.00 UAH

Sate Kambing Saus Kecap
#14 Sate Kambing Saus Kecap
lamb saute with spicy sweet soy sauce and vegetable pickle
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150.00 UAH

Laksa Udang
#21 Laksa Udang
spicy soup with coconut milk, branded Sambal sauce, shrimps, rice noodles, soy sprouts, tofu, egg, basil
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278.00 UAH

Main Dishes
Nasi Goreng 17.804
#30 Nasi Goreng 17.804
Indonesian fried rice with chicken, shrimp, satay, egg, branded sauce Sambal, sweet soy sauce ABC
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297.00 UAH

Mie Goreng 17.804
#31 Mie Goreng 17.804
Indonesian fried noodles with chicken, shrimps, vegetables, egg, branded Sambal, sweet soy sauce ABC
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256.00 UAH

Kwetiaw Sapi
#32 Kwetiaw Sapi
fried flat noodles with beef, egg, soy sprouts
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256.00 UAH

Rendang Daging
#34 Rendang Daging
curry with beef in West Sumarta style
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336.00 UAH

Tumis Sapi
#35 Tumis Sapi
stir fry with beef, mushrooms, chili, garlic, onion, ginger, sweet soy sauce
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294.00 UAH

Iga Bakar 17.804
#36 Iga Bakar 17.804
grilled beef ribs
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288.00 UAH

Udang Rica-Rica
#37 Udang Rica-Rica
stir fry with shrimps, chilli, ginger, onion, basil, Sulawesi sauce Rica-Rica
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348.00 UAH

Udang Lada Hitam
#38 Udang Lada Hitam
shrimps with black pepper sauce
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348.00 UAH

Ikan Pepes
#40 Ikan Pepes
baked fish fillet, tomatoes, basil, chili, green onion in West Java province style
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449.00 UAH

Ikan Bakar Bumbu Bali
#41 Ikan Bakar Bumbu Bali
grilled fish fillet in Balinese spices
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395.00 UAH

Ikan Pesmol
#42 Ikan Pesmol
stewed fish fillet, vegetables marinated in brand yellow sauce
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395.00 UAH

Gulai Ayam
#43 Gulai Ayam
Indonesian spicy chicken curry in traditional Padang province style
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296.00 UAH

Ayam Bakar Taliwang
#44 Ayam Bakar Taliwang
spicy chicken in Lombok style
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283.00 UAH

Ayam Bakar Bumbu Kecap
#45 Ayam Bakar Bumbu Kecap
grilled chicken, sweet soy sauce ABC
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283.00 UAH

Garnishes and Sauces
Nasi Putih
#60 Nasi Putih
steamed Jasmine rice
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45.00 UAH

Kerupuk Udang
#61 Kerupuk Udang
shrimp crackers
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35.00 UAH

Kerupuk Pangsit
#62 Kerupuk Pangsit
Wonton chips
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54.00 UAH

#63 Acar
Indonesian vegetable picks
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15.00 UAH

Sambal Kecap
#64 Sambal Kecap
spicy sweet sauce ABC
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30.00 UAH

Kecap Manis ABC
#65 Kecap Manis ABC
sweet soy sauce ABC
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40.00 UAH

#66 Sambal
brand chili sauce with shrimp paste
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40.00 UAH

Saus Kacang
#67 Saus Kacang
homemade peanut sauce
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35.00 UAH

Bubur Mutiara
#70 Bubur Mutiara
sweet sago with coconut milk and mint leaves
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72.00 UAH

Lumpia Pisang Cokelat
#71 Lumpia Pisang Cokelat
spring rolls with banana, cinnamon, chocolate sauce
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122.00 UAH

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