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22 Aug 2019 food delivery service started recruitment of the couriers in Kyiv

The company promises official employment and insurance police.

Prepared meal delivery service, which successfully operates in Armenia, Georgia and Belarus, announced recruitment of the couriers in Kiev. We plan to launch the delivery service in September.

In addition to a decent wage, future employees are promised official employment, accident insurance, fuel cards and negotiations are held concerning a food allowance. Each courier will be provided with the necessary accessories (thermo bag, power bank, T-shirt, vest, raincoat).

You can leave an application at

   Yevgeny Kazantsev, CEO of

   "One of the priority directions of the company's development in Ukraine is to take care of the employees with a focus on the delivery service couriers. They are in a daily contact with thousands of clients, whose first impression influences the decision to buy again.

Our main task is to create competitive and comfortable working conditions with a high level of motivation. These investments will bring dividends in the form of loyalty to the company and job satisfaction. Our formula is simple: happy courier = happy customer."

   During the period of the company's development, the payment will be hourly without any reference to the number of delivered orders. Monthly earnings of the couriers will reach up to UAH 25,000 and depend on type of delivery and used vehicle.

   Delivery service will work from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and deliver orders to all districts of the city. In the future, the company plans to move to 24/7 schedule. Logistic service will deal with order distribution.

   Vahan Kerobyan, a founder of Menu Group:

   "We want to have sociable, full of energy and result-oriented team members. For us, the couriers are equal partners, who need care, attention and human relations to the same extend as for customers and in the restaurants.

   I think that having no vehicle should not be an obstacle to start working. And I will explain why.

   In 1994, when I was a student, I was given an opportunity to earn extra money. I had to type a text - digitize a medical dictionary in different languages. I needed a computer for my work, and I did not have it. I decided to rent the equipment and started working. A couple of days later, I realized that without touch typing skills, I would only be able to return the cost of renting a computer. I spent a week for learning, and I was so efficient that in two months, I was able to buy the rented computer.

   There is a number of companies in Kiev that give bicycles, scooters and other types of the vehicles for rent for comfortable and efficient work."

22 Aug 2019
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