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30 Jul 2019

International company Menu Group bought Ukrainian aggregator

Menu Group unites food delivery services in Armenia, Georgia and Belarus with absolute leadership in terms of volume. By the end of the year, the company plans to reach a GMV level of $35 million and reach its planned revenue of $10 million.

   Vahan Kerobyan, a founder of Menu Group:

   "To date, the market of prepared meal delivery services in Ukraine is about 10-15 million hryvnias, it is growing rapidly - by 20% per year, at least.

   In the next 2 years, we intend to invest at least 100 million hryvnias in the development of the Ukrainian project. In Ukraine, we will keep to the hybrid business model - to deliver prepared meals to 10 cities of Ukraine independently under our brand, as well as to work as an aggregator in 28 cities.

   Together with team, we plan to provide a high level of service to the customers and the partners (restaurants, couriers) based on our deep knowledge of Ukrainian market and needs of the customers, as well as our many years of successful experience in other countries. We plan to launch a new delivery service this autumn."

30 Jul 2019
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