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Yizha Non-Stop.ShawarmaStandart Shawarma with MushroomsShawarma MiniBurumShawarma StandartShawarma Standart with CheeseShawarma Standart with PineappleShawarma DoublePizzaPizza Four CheesesPizza HawaiianPizza Chicken with MushroomsPizza HuntingPizza MeatPizza CarbonaraPizza Veal with PineapplePizza Two PretzelsPizza FrancescaPizza Margherita Fast Food, Eastern, Pizza, Shawarma
Yizha Non-Stop

Fast Food, Eastern, Pizza, Shawarma
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10:00 - 23:00
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Yizha Non-Stop

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75.00 UAH

Shawarma Standart
#4 Shawarma Standart
310/105 g, meat, cabbage, potato, onion, cucumber, carrot, sauces
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75.00 UAH

Pizza Four Cheeses
#10 Pizza Four Cheeses
500 g, cream sauce, mozzarella, suluguni, dor blue, parmesan
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146.00 UAH

Pizza Hawaiian
#11 Pizza Hawaiian
500 g, tomato sauce, chicken fillet, mozzarella, pineapple, corn
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138.00 UAH

Pizza Chicken with Mushrooms
#12 Pizza Chicken with Mushrooms
500 g, cream sauce, chicken fillet, champignons, mozzarella, corn
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128.00 UAH

Pizza Hunting
#13 Pizza Hunting
500 g, tomato sauce, hunting sausages, tomato, mozzarella, champignons
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128.00 UAH

Pizza Meat
#14 Pizza Meat
500 g, tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami, bacon, marinated onion, hunting sausages
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128.00 UAH

Pizza Carbonara
#16 Pizza Carbonara
500 g, cream sauce, bacon, marinated onion, mozzarella
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128.00 UAH

Pizza Veal with Pineapple
#17 Pizza Veal with Pineapple
500 g, cream sauce, marinated veal, chicken fillet, pineapple, mozzarella
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180.00 UAH

Pizza Two Pretzels
#18 Pizza Two Pretzels
500 g, brand sauce, salami, bacon, chicken fillet, champignons, mozzarella, black olives
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163.00 UAH

Pizza Francesca
#19 Pizza Francesca
500 g, tomato sauce, salami, bacon, champignons, tomato, mozzarella
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112.00 UAH

Pizza Margherita
#20 Pizza Margherita
500 g, tomato sauce, tomato, mozzarella, basil
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92.00 UAH

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